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Hemoglobin is important for cerebral oxygenation and strategies to minimize anemia should be undertaken. Although higher hemoglobin levels are associated with less cerebral ischemia and better clinical outcome, whether this remains true whenever red blood cell transfusion is used to achieve this result remains unclear. Hemoglobin is a key component in oxygen delivery, and thus cerebral oxygenation. Higher hemoglobin levels and red blood cell transfusion... Read More | Comment
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Haemoglobin concentration decreases during resuscitation from septic shock, and has a significant but weak association with the volume of intravenous fluids administered. Median (IQR) haemoglobin concentration at baseline was 133 (118–146) g/L and decreased to 115 (102–127) g/L within the first 6 h of resuscitation (P  Read More | Comment