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7 Nursing Technologies Helping Patient Care

7 Nursing Technologies Helping Patient Care

From pizza ordering to financial security, new technology is changing the way we live our lives every day. And now more than ever before, new technology is finding ways to impact the healthcare industry.

A new survey of over 600 professional nurses found that 82% agree that new technology and equipment innovation will positively impact patient care.

As more of the population ages, as life expectancy increases, and as the nursing shortage continues, these new medical technologies are crucial for continued patient care, and the health care system at large.

The nursing profession finds many of these new medical technologies help them with routine processes, and can decrease human mistakes and errors that can come from too few nurses, working long hours, with too many patients.

There are 7 stand out technologies transforming medical care, and as nurses are educated about new medical technologies and practices, patients and providers benefit.

1. Automated IV pumps
2. Portable monitors
3. Smart beds
4. Wearable devices
5. Electronic health records
6. Centralized command centers
7. Telehealth and apps

February 27, 2020

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