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Assessment of Microcirculation in Cardiogenic Shock

Assessment of Microcirculation in Cardiogenic Shock

The parameter most frequently used to detect tissue malperfusion is serum lactate. Novel, noninvasive methods to quantify microvascular perfusion have the potential to guide treatment in terms of optimizing organ perfusion and oxygenation probably paving the way for an individualized therapy.

Nowadays, an increasing number of studies confirm parameters of the microcirculation, derived by intravital microscopy, to represent strong outcome predictors in cardiogenic shock.

In addition, microcirculation as read-out parameter in innovative clinical studies has meanwhile been accepted as serious endpoint.

Treatment strategies such as mechanical assist devices, blood pressure regulating agents or fluids use tissue perfusion and microcirculatory network density as targets in addition to clinical perfusion evaluation and decreasing serum lactate levels.

October 8, 2019

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