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Automated vs. Conventional Ventilation in the ICU

Automated vs. Conventional Ventilation in the ICU

Automated ventilation (AV) appears to reduce the incidence and severity of blood oxygen desaturation during daily nursing procedures (DNPs) in comparison to Conventional Ventilation (CV).

Of the 265 included patients, 93% had been admitted for a medical pathology, the majority for acute respiratory failure (52%).

There was no difference between the two periods in terms of DNP duration, sedation requirements, or ventilation parameters, but patients had more spontaneous breaths and lower peak airway pressures during the AV period.

This was a prospective randomized controlled crossover trial carried out in a French ICU to compare blood oxygen pulse saturation (SpO2) during DNPs performed on patients mechanically ventilated in automated and conventional ventilation modes (AV and CV, respectively).

August 7, 2020

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