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Hemodynamic Monitoring (Lessons from the ICU)

Hemodynamic Monitoring (Lessons from the ICU)

This book, part of the European Society of Intensive Care Medicine textbook series, teaches readers how to use hemodynamic monitoring, an essential skill for today’s intensivists. It offers a valuable guide for beginners, as well as for experienced intensivists who want to hone their skills, helping both groups detect an inadequacy of perfusion and make the right choices to achieve the main goal of hemodynamic monitoring in the critically ill, i.e., to correctly assess the cardiovascular system and its response to tissue oxygen demands.

The book is divided into distinguished sections: from physiology to pathophysiology; clinical assessment and measurements; and clinical practice achievements including techniques, the basic goals in clinical practice as well as the more appropriate hemodynamic therapy to be applied in different conditions.

All chapters use a learning-oriented style, with practical examples, key points and take home messages, helping readers quickly absorb the content and, at the same time, apply what they have learned in the clinical setting.

This multi-authored book describes not only hemodynamic monitoring, but also cardiopulmonary physiology and therapy for common circulatory problems seen in patients in the ICU.

August 7, 2020

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