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How and Whom to Monitor for Seizures in an ICU

How and Whom to Monitor for Seizures in an ICU

Prevalence of seizures detected by continuous electroencephalography was significantly higher than with routine electroencephalography. Prevalence was particularly high in post convulsive status epilepticus, CNS infection, and post cardiac arrest. A total of 78 (16,707 patients) and eight studies (4,894 patients) were eligible for pooling prevalence and odds ratios. For patients with mixed cause of admission, the pooled prevalence of nonconvulsive seizure, nonconvulsive status epilepticus, either nonconvulsive seizure or nonconvulsive status epilepticus detected by routine electroencephalography was 3.1%, 6.2%, and 6.3%, respectively.

Data were extracted independently by two investigators. Separated pooling of prevalence of nonconvulsive seizure/nonconvulsive status epilepticus/epileptiform activity and odds ratio of detecting outcomes among different types of electroencephalography was performed using random-effect models.

June 27, 2019

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