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Inhaled Pulmonary Vasodilators

Inhaled Pulmonary Vasodilators

Confusion between inhaled versus intravenous routes for pulmonary vasodilators. For optimal clinical benefit (especially regarding oxygenation), these agents must be given via an inhaled route. The misconception that inhaled pulmonary vasodilators can only be used among intubated patients.

Pulmonary vasodilators may cause a host of physiologic improvements (e.g., improved oxygenation, improved ventilation, and improved right ventricular function). Unfortunately, these improvements are short-lived.

Inhaled pulmonary vasodilators should not be used routinely in ARDS patients.

Inhaled pulmonary vasodilators may be used to transiently stabilize ARDS patients who are failing to respond to other treatments, as a bridge to more definitive therapy.

Pulmonary vasodilators shouldn’t be used routinely for PE patients (especially for patients with low-risk submassive PE who are hemodynamically stable).

July 31, 2020

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