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Safe Transfer of the Brain-injured Patient

Safe Transfer of the Brain-injured Patient

The document considers recent developments in the management of multiply-injured patients and those with acute ischaemic stroke.

Whilst many of the principles of safe transfer are common to all seriously ill patients, specific risks and management strategies apply to those with acute brain injury.

For example, the guideline provides new recommendations on the management of blood pressure parameters for common types of brain injury.

The way in which we access information across all walks of life has changed beyond recognition over the last decade, and Johannsson and Selak discuss the implications of this for medical journals.

Social media platforms are seemingly ubiquitous, and their use to disseminate new medical knowledge promises to increase the speed at which science is translated to improvements at the bedside.

Smartphones and other handheld digital devices are commonplace, with 65% of nurses reported to use mobile devices for work‐related tasks for at least 30 minutes each day.

February 10, 2020

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