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The Rise of the Healthcare Administrator

The Rise of the Healthcare Administrator

Here’s some food for thought: The number of physicians in the United States grew 150 percent between 1975 and 2010, roughly in keeping with population growth, while the number of healthcare administrators increased 3,200 percent for the same time period. Yes, that’s 3,200 percent in 35 years, a statistic derived by Physicians for a National Health Program using data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the National Center for Health Statistics, and the United States Census Bureau’s Current Population Survey. Supporters say the growing number of administrators is needed to keep pace with the drastic changes in healthcare delivery during that time frame, particularly change driven by technology and by ever-more-complex regulations.

Critics say the army of administrators does little to relieve the documentation burden on clinicians, while creating layers of high-salaried bureaucratic bloat in healthcare organizations.

June 10, 2019

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