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The Speaker Gender Gap at Critical Care Conferences

The Speaker Gender Gap at Critical Care Conferences

There is a speaker gender gap at critical care conferences, with male faculty outnumbering female faculty. This gap is more marked among physician speakers than those speakers representing nursing and allied health professionals.

Several organizational strategies can address this gender gap.

Male speakers outnumbered female speakers at all five conferences, in all 7 years.

Overall, women represented 5–31% of speakers, and female physicians represented 5–26% of speakers.

Nursing and allied health professional faculty represented 0–25% of speakers; in general, more than 50% of allied health professionals were women.

Over the 7 years, Society of Critical Care Medicine had the highest representation of female (27% overall) and nursing/allied health professional (16–25%) speakers; notably, male physicians substantially outnumbered female physicians in all years (62–70% vs 10–19%, respectively).

September 24, 2019

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