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Ventilator Management: Advanced Concepts In Critical Care

Ventilator Management: Advanced Concepts In Critical Care

Mechanical ventilation is a broad subject that encompasses many factors that must be considered while providing overall resuscitation. It is not as easy as just entering in a rate and tidal volume and pushing start.

Critical care medicine has many core resuscitation pathways that need to be applied with mechanical ventilation in mind.

Resuscitation is our goal, with mechanical ventilation being a small part in the overall treatment paradigm.

As a critical care provider, it is imperative that you have a broad understanding of current practice guidelines and how each treatment affects your patient in a positive or negative manner.

Couple this with the massive subject called mechanical ventilation and you have an even bigger mountain to conquer.

Eric Bauer and Tyler Christifulli team up for this dynamic, thought-provoking book that will dissect ventilator management concepts within critical care medicine.

The book includes current research concepts, ventilation theory, core clinical ventilation strategies, and case application commentary, with reference materials for maximizing your study time.

January 14, 2020

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