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The Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH), as part of the American Reinvestment & Recovery Act of 2009, was created to accelerate the pace of technology diffusion in the American healthcare system. The promulgation of this health policy led to the Meaningful Use incentive program – a $30 billion initiative to transform healthcare delivery in hospitals through the advanced implementation of... Read More | Comment
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Mechanical ventilation is an essential life-sustaining therapy for many critically-ill patients. As technology has evolved, clinicians have been presented with an increasing number of ventilator options as well as an ever-expanding and confusing list of terms, abbreviations, and acronyms. Unfortunately, this has made it extremely difficult for clinicians at all levels of training to truly understand mechanical ventilation and to optimally manage patients with respiratory... Read More | Comment
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Pediatric critical care nephrology is a complex and highly specialized field, presenting challenges and management strategies that are often quite distinct from those seen in adult practice. Therefore, it is high time to address all the topics in the field of critical care nephrology in children in a unique book which is the first of its kind. This book covers the basics as well as... Read More | Comment
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The Advanced Ventilator Book is a companion to the best-selling The Ventilator Book and is written for clinicians who already have a solid foundation in the basics of mechanical ventilation. It goes beyond the ventilator itself to discuss strategies for severe hypoxemia and rescue maneuvers for refractory respiratory failure. Subjects covered in The Advanced Ventilator Book include: Optimal PEEP, Treatment of severe bronchospasm, Prone positioning,... Read More | Comment
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This oft-quoted all-time favorite of the medical community will gladden – and strengthen – the hearts of patients, doctors, and anyone entering medical study, internship, or practice. With unassailable logic and rapier wit, the sage Dr. Oscar London muses on the challenges and joys of doctoring, and imparts timeless truths, reality checks, and poignant insights gleaned from 30 years of general practice – while never... Read More | Comment
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Dr. Sam Parnia, Director of the AWARE Study (AWAreness during REsuscitation) and one of the world’s leading experts on the scientific study of death and near-death experiences (NDE), presents cutting-edge research from the front lines of critical care and resuscitation medicine while also shedding light on the ultimate mystery: What happens to human consciousness during and after death? Dr. Parnia reveals how some form of... Read More | Comment
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This highly informative book provides essential insights for ICU nurses at ECMO centers around the world, who face the substantial challenges involved in the management of ECMO patients. Above all, it meets their training needs with regard to bedside monitoring for these patients, which has become a major issue. The editors and most of the contributors serve at La Pitié-Salpétrière ICU, France, which, in terms... Read More | Comment
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Recently released, Abdominal Sepsis examines in detail the topic of sepsis, with a focus on intra-abdominal sepsis. Particular attention is devoted to source control in the management of the infection, antimicrobial therapy and sepsis support, which represent the cornerstones of treating patients with this problem. The importance of a multidisciplinary approach is highlighted not only by the instructive and informative sections on the acute manifestations... Read More | Comment
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Often misdiagnosed and misunderstood, traumatic brain injury (TBI) may be a life-altering event which can produce a wide range of symptoms affecting physical as well as psychological health. Indeed, all senses can be affected, especially sight and sound, producing errors in judgment, loss of memory, and difficulty processing information. Now, a physician shares her personal journey with TBI after suffering a life changing accident. In... Read More | Comment
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Dr. Larry Komer and Joan Chandler Komer offer new hope to those with brain injuries. Millions of people of all ages experience concussions. Many others have a more serious event known as a traumatic brain injury. Battlefield injuries often include concussions or a TBI. These brain injuries can lead to a complex condition known as PTSD that can alter a person’s life, family and community.... Read More | Comment
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This book collects and synthesizes the latest thinking on the condition in its variety of cognitive and behavioral presentations, matched by a variety of clinical responses. Acknowledging the continuum of injury and the multi-stage nature of recovery, expert contributors review salient research data and offer clinical guidelines for the neuropsychologist working with TBI patients, detailing key areas of impairment, brief and comprehensive assessment methods and... Read More | Comment
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There’s nothing better than feeling confident and relaxed on exam day! Knowing that years of late night study sessions and unpaid clinical rotations are coming to an end just feels….well, absolutely fantastic! Of course, the truth is, that feeling doesn’t come without a focused, disciplined approach. Studying is important, but studying years of respiratory school notes is not the answer. Our RRT Board exam series... Read More | Comment
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This book covers all clinical aspects of acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), from definition to treatment, focusing on the more recent recommendations and evidence-based medicine. The addressed topics are the various ventilation strategies, the impact of prone positioning, the use of partial and total extracorporeal support, the value of vasodilators, the weaning from mechanical ventilation, the pharmacological interventions, noninvasive ventilation, and the strategies using anti-inflammatory... Read More | Comment
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A New York Times bestseller and international sensation, this stimulating and important book is a fascinating dive into the purpose and power of slumber. Walker is a Professor of Neuroscience and Psychology and the director of the Center for Human Sleep Science at the University of California, Berkeley. Walker spent four years writing the book in which he argues that sleep deprivation is linked to... Read More | Comment
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This book focuses on the critical care of the patient with acute, acute on chronic and chronic liver failure as well as the peri-operative care of the patient with liver transplantation. Each of these disease processes is unique in pathophysiological manifestations, underpinnings of physiology and treatment options. Patients with acute, chronic or acute on chronic liver failure are a growing fraction of ICU admissions. Hepatic... Read More | Comment